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My Approach

Together, we will create a partnership that first examines and improves on the four core sources of healthspan: nutrition, movement, sleep, and mental resiliency.

Science has caught up to what we've known for centuries: what we eat really matters.

Incorporating movement and exercise into your life is essential for living longer and healthier.




The importance of sleep to a myriad of long-term wellness outcomes is becoming increasingly evident.

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Mental resiliency is often under-appreciated as a prime driver of living a long and healthful life.


What people are saying

Meet Angelo Falcone, MD

Doctor of Integrative Medicine

After more than three decades practicing medicine, I started Dignity Integrative based on a simple belief — that promoting health and wellness has to be a partnership. I approach you with dignity as an individual, and you partner with me on a plan to ensure a long and healthful life.


I started my career as an emergency physician. I worked in a busy Maryland ER, eventually founding and leading a group that grew to care for 500,000 patients annually in three states. I took great pride in always putting our values front and center, and I loved caring for patients, then as now. But I also grew to understand intimately how traditional medicine has failed to address our country’s most pressing chronic medical, social, and psychological problems — and how we in the medical profession have failed to treat people as people, rather than as a collection of symptoms. 


Now in my 50s, I decided to complete a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine in San Diego, and launched Dignity Integrative. I believe both integrative and functional medicine provide the framework for addressing the root sources of health and wellness that traditional medicine lacks. Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

Read my story here.

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Meet Angelo

Who I Work With

I can help with:

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Every person should be interested in improving healthspan and avoiding chronic conditions as we age. Dementia, chronic arthritis and decreased mobility have all been shown to be modifiable conditions when using an integrative approach.


Chronic abdominal discomfort can suggest the need for a range of changes to diet and nutrition.


Integrative medicine can reverse the progression of diabetes and lessen the need for typical drugs.


Together, we develop a plan to reduce stress and improve your mental resiliency.


Chronic fatigue can have many causes, including some often missed by traditional medicine. We work together to find the true source.

Heart disease

Heart disease is too often treated as the inevitable result of aging, with pharmaceutical intervention as the only treatment.

Chronic Pain

The integrative and functional medicine approaches to pain management can improve outcomes and lessen reliance on addictive pain medications.


Taking a holistic approach to headache management can lessen frequency and intensity of episodes.

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