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Amanda Appelbaum is a former lawyer, turned certified functional health coach. 


Her specialty is in considering how your unique hormones, genetics, microbiome, biochemistry, preferences, challenges, and goals determine the path to restoring balance in your body and in your life. 


Combining nutritional science, mindset work, specific holistic treatment protocols, and teaching you to connect what you eat and how you live to how you feel, Amanda expertly guides her clients to take control of and upgrade their body, health, and life.


The best part is that Amanda is focused on transformation that is sustainable.

This means finding habits and solutions that are enjoyable and easily incorporated into your lifestyle. No deprivation, no meal prepping for hours on end, no diets, no guilt – just sustainable change that will give you the healthy body, mind, and life you have always wanted and deserve. With Amanda’s health coaching, you can finally ditch the diet wheel, regain mastery over your health, and create the abundant energy you want to live your life freely. 


Amanda's approach to eating and nutrition is to help you find balance so you can eat and enjoy the foods you love while still achieving your health goals. Together, Amanda partners with her clients to teach them techniques to stabilize blood sugar—eliminating those pesky cravings and energy crashes—what foods they may be sensitive to, how to choose upgraded versions of their favorite foods, and how to make eating right for you a seamless part of your life.


Additionally, Amanda specializes in helping clients implement specialized diets as part of a diagnosis or treatment protocol. After going through years of specialized diets herself, she understands just how overwhelming and anxiety-provoking it can be to leave a doctor's office with a laundry list of forbidden foods.


She has helped countless clients navigate the changes that come along with specialized diets, such as Low FODMAP, AIP Paleo, Keto, and more so that they have an exact blueprint of not only what to eat and not eat but HOW to make such changes manageable and less overwhelming.

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