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We believe the journey to optimal health and longevity requires time and a clear plan to achieve your goals. That's why we've structured our practice as a one-year membership to Dignity Integrative. We do not participate in insurance plans (learn more about the Direct to Consumer movement in healthcare), although some expenses, such as lab studies, may be covered by your health plan.

The initial evaluation is divided into two visits over one month. The first is 90 minutes long and conducted in person with Dr. Falcone. It will will include a detailed medical, family and social history, as well as a physical exam. We'll also determine whether specific laboratory tests are recommended to develop your personal health plan.

The second visit  lasts 60 minutes and is conducted in person or via telemedicine based on your preference. We review your personal plan and priorities, and you will be introduced to our health coach who will work with you on a monthly basis to help you achieve your goals.


Then, throughout the year, we will schedule monthly  1-hour sessions between you and your health coach, in addition to providing you access to your health coach and to Dr. Falcone via text and email through our patient portal. After six months, we will schedule a 30-minute visit to review progress and set priorities for the next six months.

Initial Visit — $500 (Effective July 1, 2023 will increase to $750)

Detailed history, physical exam and review of previous lab data (90 minutes)

Personal Health and Wellness Plan

Comprehensive Health Plan Review — $750

Review plan and introduce health coach (60 minutes)

Monthly coaching — $100/month for 9-12 months (possibly longer depending on complexity of plan)

Monthly follow up with health coach (60 minutes/month) and six-month review with Dr Falcone

Initial Visit and Comprehensive Plan without Monthly coaching - $2250

While we believe monthly coaching is critical to the success of your plan we also offer a version that includes the Initial Visit and Comprehensive Plan without Monthly coaching. The cost for this is $2250 paid in 2 installments of $1125. This includes 1 - 30 minute follow up with Dr. Falcone.

Further in-person or telemedicine visits are optional and will be billed at $400/hour or fraction thereof.

Please note that expenses for lab testing are billed separately and not included, however they may be covered by your insurance.

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