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Our Approach

Together, we will create a partnership that first examines and then improves upon the four core sources of healthspan: nutrition, movement, sleep, and mental resiliency.

The plan is developed according to your personal desires and needs and based on your family and personal history, any relevant lab results, as well as your personal goals for living longer and healthier.

The Dignity Integrative Process.png


  1. 15-minute Free Consultation

  2. Enrollment. If it's a good fit, we send an invitation to enroll.

  3. Portal Registration. Sign-up for our online portal.

  4. Medical History. Fill out your personal & family history, and father any recent lab testing results.

  5. 90-Minute Initial Visit. Visit with Dr. Falcone to discuss your history and goals, and to conduct a physical evaluation.

  6. Lab Work. Any additional recommended labs or prescriptions will be ordered. 

  7. 1-hour Plan Review. Approximately 30 days from enrollment, you and Dr. Falcone will meet with your personal coach to discuss your health plan and top three priorities. This visit can be done remotely.

  8. Monthly Coaching. You and your health coach will have monthly remote check-ins to discuss progress.

  9. 6-month Check-in. After six months, you will meet again with Dr. Falcone to discuss whether any changes or re-prioritization of your plan should be made.

  10. Annual Review. After 12 months, we'll meet to summarize the results and have a discussion about the future.

At any time throughout the 12 months, patients will be able to reach Dr. Falcone, if needed, through the patient portal.

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