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5 Reasons to Work Out with a Partner

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Have you ever worked out alone, but went a little too easy on yourself because nobody was watching? Have you ever felt yourself get tired during a run and slowed down even though you knew you had a little more in you? What about that time you said, “I’ll work out tomorrow” because you felt unmotivated to do it today?

I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there!

Here's why working out with a partner, friend, or significant other, can enhance your entire workout routine and journey towards your specific health and wellness goals:

1. Consistency

Sometimes working out by yourself can turn lonely, monotonous, and inconsistent. Having a workout buddy and somebody you can count on is key to keeping your workout routine steady and reliable, especially on those days where you’re just not feeling up to it.

2. Accountability

The number one reason we slack on our own goals is because there are no real consequences for inaction. Working out with a partner will allow you to hold each other accountable, offer support, and keep one another focused on SMART goals. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them exactly how you’re feeling, what your health intentions are, and how you plan on achieving them. Find someone who will be your biggest cheerleader!

3. Goal Sharing

Choose your partner wisely. When I say wisely, I mean pick someone who has similar plans, goals, or workout styles as you so that you can build and accomplish in unison. In fact, spending ample time around similar fitness-minded people can make you more successful in achieving your goals! Help them help you.

4. Friendly Competition

Having a companion during workouts can get outrageously competitive in the most friendly and inspiring way possible. Research shows that the most ideal workout partner is someone who is in slightly better shape than you are. In turn, this could inspire you to push harder, set more challenging yet attainable goals, and increase your workout time and intensity by nearly 200 percent! Push each other to your limits and you’ll both end up on top.

5. Fun

Now that we’re consistent, accountable, goal-oriented, and competitive… what about having a little bit of fun? After a very overwhelming 2020, let us not forget about the beautiful side effects of human connection. The most enjoyable part about working out with someone is being able to high-five or simply congratulate one another at the end of a session. Woohoo, you did it!

The Bottom Line: Sometimes all we need is an accountability partner that will keep us in line with our health goals and remind us to stay consistent, strong-minded, and most importantly, have fun with it even when it feels impossible.

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