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My SIBO Journey, Part 2

Hello all—I am back with another update on my SIBO progress over the past two months!

I’d like to begin by saying how grateful I am for holistic wellness and the power of gut healing. My body has gone through an incredibly transformative process that I would not have been able to do without the generous help from Dr. Falcone, Dignity Integrative Health, my family & peers, as well as my amazing clients! I have been very open and honest with you all about my personal struggles with gut health as I think it’s important for you to know I am on a similar path as many of you.

This protocol takes SERIOUS dedication and I am very proud of how far I have come!

As you may know, I completed Phase 1 at the end of August. I have since completed Phase 2, and just recently created a diet regimen that I am certain my body can handle. What does Phase 2 consist of, you might ask? Well, if you ask me, it’s much more lenient than Phase 1. This is not to say that it’s any easier. Phase 2 allows you to add back a variety of different foods which, at times, makes it much harder to restrict yourself—and yes, I am talking from experience. In terms of my diet, I feel that I had more self-control when I had fewer options. (This is not the case for everybody!)

As I made my way into Phase 2 of the Bi-Phasic Diet, I had to take a number of different supplements that worked simultaneously with the new foods I was adding back in to help my gut flora and lining, aka crowding out the bad bacteria and leaving the good. These supplements were designed to first initiate gut healing, then treat my methane, candida, & bacterial overgrowth, followed by a biofilm breaker, and finally a continuous pro-biotic. While it was a bit overwhelming at the very beginning, I soon created a supplement routine based on when I was consuming meals throughout my day. WHEN you take the supplements is VERY important! Make sure to follow the directions provided carefully!

As I mentioned, Phase 2 is much less restrictive than Phase 1. With that said, I’d like to tell you how it went! As a fruit lover, I was ecstatic to see that I could finally add this back to my diet! Along with my previous morning omelets, I was able to add smoothies back in and my body reacted very well. While I’m not a huge fan of dairy, I was curious to see if my body would go into panic mode as I slowly re-introduced it. To my surprise, I did very well and my go-to dairy choice were these delicious mozzarella balls from Whole Foods. I added them to my cucumber & tomato salads, and omelets, or sometimes just ate a few by themselves.

My final and favorite part of Phase 2 was the introduction to a gluten-free diet. I could go on and on about how much a gluten-free diet has changed my life, most importantly in relation to my extreme bloating!! I’ve had a total of three uncomfortable bloating episodes since starting my protocol and it was my own fault. I ate some things that I knew were not good for my belly and I immediately regretted it! Safe to say I have learned my lesson and will continue to do my best in eating a Low FODMAP diet while staying away from foods that trigger my symptoms, i.e., gluten, garlic, onion, and heavy dairy. Special shout out to one of my clients for showing me this fan favorite gluten free flour that is GREAT for baking!

To wrap this up, I think the moral of the story is to:

  1. Always consult a trusted doctor if you feel like something is off in your body.

  2. Make adjustments and follow your treatment regimen as best you can.

  3. Continue to listen to your body.

  4. NEVER give up on yourself!

After going through this process I have become a mentally and physically stronger person, and I have figured out what I should and shouldn’t be putting in my body, and I have ultimately created a lifestyle change that I will carry with me through the rest of my life.

If you are curious to see what Phase 2 consists of, I have included the charts below that outline what you should eat and what you should stay away from. If you think you might be suffering with similar issues as myself, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Falcone and we will take care of you!

Note all charts come from The SIBO Doctor—a great resource!

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