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The Deep Dive — What is it and why do it?

At Dignity Integrative Health, we are all about wellness and longevity. That means not only are we focused on minimizing or eliminating your symptoms and reducing the incidence of disease, but we are also interested in how we can help you extend the quality years of your life. Some of this work is done “in-office” with the wonderful Dr. Falcone, but most of it believe it or not is done by YOU at home!

Introducing, the Deep Dive. Together, we will dive deep into your lifestyle to see what is either hindering or supporting your path to optimal health. It will look different for each person—some may focus on movement and mindfulness, while others may be more focused on diet and nutrition, sleep habits, or a combination—but the aim is to examine current habits and identify a sustainable way to cultivate a lifestyle that naturally supports health.

Think about it: you might have a doctor’s visit every few months. You might do some testing and treatment here and there. But what happens day in and day out in your everyday life?

It is estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 choices per day. And most if not all of these choices will impact your health either right then in the moment, or over time as the effects of your choices start to accumulate. So how do you ensure that between the doctor’s visits, between the testing and treatment protocols, you are optimizing your choices to meet your goals?

That is where health coaching comes in!

I know what you might be thinking. “Yeah, yeah, eat a little less, exercise a little more…I don’t need a coach to tell me that.” But let me ask you this: don’t you think if it were that easy we would all have figured it out by now?

When you look around, does it seem like our population is getting fitter, stronger, and leaner? Or are we getting more overweight, sicker, and more prone to unhealthy habits? If it were just as simple as eat less, exercise more, we wouldn’t be in the state that we are in.

Additionally, as you age, you will find that if you are not actively doing things every single day to preserve and strengthen your health, it will naturally start to decline. I bet if you compare yourself now to your “younger” self, you have more fatigue, more weight, and generally, more symptoms of disease in your body than you did back then.

This is why Dignity Integrative Health believes in a dual approach to optimizing your health. Because we don’t just want you to get better now. We want you to learn how to live a lifestyle in alignment with your goals so you can continue to get better for the rest of your life!

And guess what? Everyone’s biology, challenges, preferences, and lives are different. Which means what works for your friend or neighbor might not work for you. Additionally, we all have mental blocks that need to be cleared in order for us to get out of our own way.

How many of you have been on a diet only to “fall off” and hate yourself for it then self-sabotage? How many of you think you don’t have time to meal prep, eat healthfully, or work out? In order to find true food freedom and long-term health at the same time, it’s imperative to break these cycles and stories that make up our beliefs and actions.

All of this is why we offer the integrative and functional health coaching Deep Dive. It gives you the opportunity to finally learn the foods and habits that are right for you and your goals but also teaches you how to make those foods and habits enjoyable and sustainable so you never have to “diet” again. It’s about helping you find balance and take control of and upgrade your mind, body, and spirit so you can live the life of your dreams.

What do you say? Are you ready to take the plunge? Reach out to Dignity Integrative Health to schedule your first visit today! And ask for the Health Coaching deep dive! I can’t wait to meet you!


Amanda Appelbaum

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