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The Elimination Diet: A 10-Day Reset

The internationally recognized functional medicine leader, Dr. Mark Hyman, has paved the way for all things health and wellness. As a practicing family physician, educator, and advocate, Dr. Hyman has released books, podcasts, courses, events, and recipes all centered around the main objective of “Food as Medicine.”

The 10-Day Reset is a curated program established from what has and hasn’t worked for his patients over the last 30 years in practice. The purpose of this 10 day challenge is to “reboot your biology, reduce cravings, reduce inflammation, optimize your gut health, and support healthy blood sugar.” (The Pegan Diet, 2021)

The most popular question I get from my clients at Dignity Integrative is, “how restrictive will this be?” The best part about this challenge is that it is essentially the same process as a clean-eating diet: take out the bad, and bring on the good!

Dr. Hyman describes it as, “a whole-food based, low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory, gut-healing, detoxifying, phytochemical-rich diet.”

So, is the 10-Day Challenge is right for you? Dr. Angelo Falcone and I typically have 90% of our patients complete this reset, because it allows patients to start their wellness journey from scratch. Having this base will provide a foundation that you can build upon, one layer at a time. The most common feedback that I have received are that it’s mind-clarifying, task-orienting, and easier to complete as the days go on.

While I list all the wonderful benefits of this challenge, it is still a challenge! It takes self-discipline, strength, trust, and excitement to give your health the attention it deserves. Do not give up on yourself because your mind and your gut will thank you later!

The phrase, “Food as Medicine” has proved itself time and time again when food has been successfully studied not only to prevent disease, but to reverse disease. It’s time to stop covering up our symptoms with medication and start using food as our “farmacy” and time to start paying more attention to our “healthspan” and not our lifespan!

Please refer to the chart below via Dr. Hyman's 10-Day Reset:

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